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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turned a corner

We have been having issues with J-man for YEARS when it comes to school and his grades. The kid is smart... like really smart... but he didn't have the faith in himself. He didn't see what we saw even though we told him all.the.time.

We had to hold him back in the 6th grade and he had to re-take some 9th grade classes. Needless to say we have been pulling our hair out with worry.

But the kid has turned a corner.

He came to me a couple of weeks ago and said "Mom, I've changed my mind about something. I have decided I don't want to go in the military after high school. I want to go to college and become a history teacher."

I cried. Seriously... cried.

His report card shows him still has a 9th grader. His counsellor told him earlier this year that if he passess all of his classes the rest of the year he will start next year as a Junior.

And you know what? The kids is passing ALL of his classes! This semester he has one C... the rest are As and Bs. His list of classes are sophmore classes and they are planning next year - with JUNIOR classes!!!! The look of pride when we talk about that makes my heart sing.

I am so so so proud of him... and he is proud of HIMSELF which is even better.

Yay, J-man!


SkippyMom said...

This is one time I am absolutely jumping for joy that I can say "SEE? Told ya' so." I don't think I could be happier Marni. I know you have worried and fretted over this for years, but your love, perserverance and J-man's incredible hard work [not to mention your mad parenting skillz] paid off. I just knew it. So, so happy.

And I am thrilled he wants to be a history teacher. That is what I wanted to be too, but I started our family instead. I don't regret a day of it, but I do sometimes wonder how much fun it would've been. Now J-man knows that all he has to do is work hard - as he has been - and the world is his.

Please give him my BIGGEST congratulations and a big hug to both you and his Dad.

Nicely done!

Coffeypot said...

Makes my heart sing, too...and makes my eyes sweat a little, too. The dude is awesome!