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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet compliment

I am not a baker, but this year I decided to jump in with both feet and attempt to make some cookies from scratch.

I got a great recipe for chocolate mint cookies. They are so freakin' YUM! I made some for my office Christmas luncheon and brought a minimal amount home. I made some for my team and got rave reviews.

But the best compliment I got was from a couple of almost strangers.

There is a little sandwich shop across the street from my office. I stop in most mornings for a bagel and always see the same ol' folks. I guess I could be considered a "regular". I'm on a first name basis with the people that work there and think they are wonderful.

So when I made the cookies for the luncheon I had enough to give some to a couple of the regular folks and workers at the sandwhich shop.

I ran into them again this morning (as usual). One of the gentleman walked in and came to a dead stop. He looked at me, spread his hands and said "those were the best damn cookies! If you sold them here you could make a fortune!"

The owner looked at me and said "Oh, YOU are the one with the cookies? I didn't get to try one but I sure heard about them!"

Winner winner chicken dinner! I'm still glowing. LOL I love it that I made something so yummy.

Want to try these amazing cookies? I hate to do it... I want to keep the recipe secret, but it is the holidays. I must share. Go HERE.


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