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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have you guys seen this????

This is amazing footage I found on CNN.

An accident occurred Monday morning on a street near Utah State University and was captured on video. A BMW pulled out of a parking lot in front of a guy on a motorcycle... unfortunately the fella had to lay his bike down and it went under the car.

After crashing, gas spilled out of the motorcycle and ignited, engulfing both the motorcycle and the front end of the car in flames. The motorcyclist became lodged underneath the burning vehicle.

This video shows a group of people lifting the car to drag the poor guy out! He DID survive and is in the hospital after surgery...

True heroes all of them!


SkippyMom said...

I did see that Marni. He is in critical condition, I hope he makes it.

Too bad he wasn't wearing a helmet too.

Those guys were amazing.

Marni said...

Ahhh! CNN said he was in stable condition after surgery yesterday. I'm with you, though... he needed a helmet for sure.

Sooo scary!

jo(e) said...