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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry, I haven't been around lately. Lots of things happenin' around Pug Manor that required my attention. The holidays are one, but the primary one was HUGE...

I got a new job. With another company. For more cashola. Yes, Imma happy gurl.

It happened extremely fast. So fast, in fact, that my head is still spinnin'. Want to see?

My BFF sent me a link to the job before Thanksgiving. Because I have NO self-confidence, I procrastinated even looking at it until a couple of weeks ago. This is how it all went down..

10:00 am: Open link to job and fill in all information. Attach resume. Read it over. Hit send.
10:15: Mosey upstairs to take a shower.
10:30: Listen to the message of the person that called... it is the HR person for the job.
1:oo pm: Return call (because I freaked out those 3.5 hours). Complete initial interview.
3:00: Accept invitation for a phone interview with potential new boss the next day.

11:00 am: Have phone interview with potential new boss
1:00 pm: Have discussion with HR person about FACE TO FACE interview the next day.

9:00 am: Interview with potential new boss and two other of her compadres.
10:00: see BFF and fill him in on all that is happening
12:30 pm: Talk to HR person and am offered the position. Tell him I need to discuss with hubby.
2:30 pm: Talk to HR person and accept job.

Do you see that? I was offered the position in a little over 48 hours of sending in the application. My head is STILL spinning. I have been told that this company goes after what they want... and I guess they really wanted ME!

That makes me feel so good. Even the HR guy said, "You must have really impressed these guys. I have never seen something move this fast."

Floored. And blessed to have this happen in this economy.

So, I leave my job on December 23...take my last week of vacation... and start the new company on January 4. I am worried about last paychecks, loans, paying bills, etc. until I get my new income. The pay periods are totally wacked for now... I just hope we can stay on top of it.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR for me! Isn't that exciting????


Biddie said...

Marni, that is AWESOME news! VERY exciting! Congrats, you deserve to be able to relax a bit and not stress over $$$$ :)

comebacknikki said...

Awesome! Congratulations! :)

CindyDianne said...

Marni - THIS IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! Just.... AWHSOME! (is it closer to home?)

SkippyMom said...

What Cindy Diane said.

Marni I could not be happier for you - now you see - the world knows how wonderful you are just like we all knew. ;D

Hugs and much love sweetheart. This is the best thing to coming back to the 'net. Seeing you get your due!

Merry Christmas darling. So, so, so, so happy for you. YAY!

Mira said...

Congratulations!!!!!! ^_^