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Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 7

Name someone who has made your life worth living.

I truly believe people are put in your life to teach you something. At work, I am learning patience from one of my clients. My kids teach me how to be a better person. My mom teaches me how to be strong. My dad teaches me raunchy jokes.

So to name ONE person that has made my life worth living is tough. I do know someone, however, that has made my life better.

Dr. S. who was my gastric bypass doctor.

I remember laying on the couch a little over 6 years ago and hearing a voice whisper "If you don't do something you WILL die" and it scared the jeebus out of me. The next day I began my research that led me to Dr. S.

I know "all" he did was the surgery and the rest was up to me, but without him where would I be? I would still have difficulty breathing walking to my car. I wouldn't be going to football games watching my son play in the band. I wouldn't be shopping and getting excited when I get a new outfit. I wouldn't have guys flirt with me on occasion.

No. I would be on the couch at home feeling sorry for myself and wishing for a miracle. I might even be coping with diabetes or high blood pressure. I'd be eating insane amounts of calories and mentally beating myself up for it.

I have one of the best surgeons in town. He truly cares about his patients and keeps track of them. I am REQUIRED to visit him once a year, and at that visit he has blood work done (13-15 vials!!). He provides support groups and people to talk to during hard times.

But most of all, he gave me the ability to be the person I always was on the inside.

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

I LOVE this! I am so happy Dr. S is in your life - and made you healthier so we can be friends, forever! YAY!

This really made me smile Marni.

I am so happy you had the surgery and are healthier now. Just awesome.