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Monday, August 02, 2010

Tired and sore

Where did this weekend go? The last thing I remember is leaving work on Friday and then coming in this morning. Good grief.

I can't tell you what we did Friday. I think we just relaxed... Bug spent the night with a friend, J-man, Carl and I stayed in and watched TV.

Then Saturday happened... OMG Saturday...

We have a stadium here in Atlanta. Maybe you have heard of it... it is where the Atlanta Falcons play? The Georgia Dome.

Yeah... our band boosters volunteer at a concession stand to raise money. Every time we help out, J-man gets $50 in his band account to offset the cost of their spring trip.

I had to do it on Saturday. And it was HARD WORK. I mean I haven't worked that hard in... like... ever.

We got there at 11:30 am and left at 11:30 pm. There are no chairs for breaks... when we got to sit down it was on the floor.

The event was the DCI competition. For those not initiated in band, that is the Drum Corps International competition... it is HUGE. There were high school and college kids all over the place watching 20+ marching bands perform. It is a spectacle and it is awesome.

We were on the third level of the Dome and were selling hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and chicken fingers. Um... folks... did you see the last item? What do kids LOVE more than almost anything other than pizza? Chicken Fingers... right?

We ran out of them...


Try telling hundreds upon hundreds of folks - especially at intermission when the line is 25 folks deep on 8 registers for an hour - that you are out of chicken fingers! People were understanding though.... they waited or came back when we had more. I really only ran into one or two jerks.

All in all it was a good night. But it was so, so, so exhausting. I'm glad I don't have to do another event until September. I'll need all month to recouperate.

But I got a sweet hat!

Obviously this was taken BEFORE we got started -- I'm smiling.


skippymom said...

You're adorable! Look like a kid yourself. :)

TWELVE hours? are you freakin' kidding me? You get the Mom of the Year award for that one. WOW.

We have one year off of band volunteering [Wallene will be in marching band in 2012]and I am not driving 2.5 hours every week to volunteer at Squirrel's university when she is in marching band this fall. I neeeeeeeed this year off. lol

Have a great week! Hugs.

Marni said...

Skip, I'm a glutton for punishment. This was my first time volunteering and boy did I pick a doozie! My feet are STILL killing me! I am limping everywhere I go.

I can only hope the next one isn't as bad. And Carl gets to join in on that one!

Hugs to you, too.

Truth-Monkey said...

I was in marching band when I was in high school, and my mom did all sorts of crazy stuff to help me out with trips and whatnot and I LOVE her for it. So go you! And I'm jealous, I haven't seen a good drum corps show in years!