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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scary moment

While travelling to a doctor's appointment yesterday, I got the scare of my life.

I was on a four lane highway that is divided by a grassy median (2 lanes north, 2 lanes south and grassy median in the middle). I like to travel above the speed limit (ahem) so I pretty much always drive in the left lane... so I can pass slow pokes don't ya know.

Any whoo

It was early in the morning, so there was a bunch of traffic. I was actually going the speed limit!While in my lane, I was coming up on a pretty big intersection where there is a turning lane to go left. I didn't need to turn, but the TRUCK next to me did.

This was a burgundy Ford F150 with three men in it. They were hauling a huge trailer full of rusty barbed wire rolls - about 4 or 5 of them.

The driver didn't put on a blinker nor did he look to see if I was next to him. If I hadn't been glancing at his truck I never would have seen him coming. He just came into my lane...

I was laying on my horn, slamming on my brakes, and sliding into the grassy median. The work van behind me was fishtailing so he wouldn't plow into my butt.

The F150 Asshat never slowed down. He didn't put on his brakes. He didn't even acknowledge that he nearly swideswiped me! I was PISSED.

As I passed him, I slowed down a little, looked into his truck and said WTF??? (but not the initials) He nor his passengers looked my way. They were oblivious.

I was shaking soooo bad! I called Carl to tell him what happened and burst into tears. I can usually drive and talk at the same time, but I had to pull over for a second to calm myself down. I defintely had an angel on my shoulder... something made me look over in time to see him coming.

Now I wish I could find him and slash his effing tires. THAT would make me feel better. :)


SkippyMom said...

I am so glad you are okay. I hate people that drive those types of vehicles - don't kid yourself, I bet he knew you were there - but he was bigger therefore the pig owns the road. BAH.

Take care sweetie. And between F150 bearing swine.

Becky said...

Glad you're okay. Could you have gotten his tag# and reported him as reckless? That was very scary indeed. You did have an angel watching over you for sure!

Coffeypot said...

Another reason why I don't carry a gun in my vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... I hate that happened!!

I was on the interstate, in the left lane and there was a semi haulin' a trailer in the right lane. I was about to pass them, when a tire flew off the right side of the vehicle/trailer and went 50 feet up in the air and bounced 10 feet in front of my car, then into the median. Talk about God being there. whew...

Stay safe..