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Friday, August 06, 2010

I tend to agree

Hallelujah!!! It's FRIDAY!!!!!
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It is the final weekend before school starts. Bug and I are getting pedicures and haircuts to start the year off right. We spent quite a bit of cashola last night getting school supplies - thank heavens THAT is over. And J-man is gearing up for his first day at a new school.

My Aunt is in the hospital and not doing very well, so a trip to visit her is in order.

The AC folks are coming out today to fix our issues. Thank you baby jesus! It hasn't been too bad lately. When the guy came out initially, he pumped our system full of freon to hold us over until the parts come in. We can tell the freon is almost gone; the temp is creeping up again. Maybe tonight we will be able to sleep in relative comfort.

Everyone have a great weekend! I am ready for the FALL!!!!!!!


SkippyMom said...

I hope your Aunt will be better soon Marni.

Good news on the A/C front. I am thankful for our ceiling fans when we go without air, they are lifesavers.

Hugs and love to y'all.

Marni said...

It isn't looking good, Skip. She fell and broke her thigh bone. They did surgery and then she went into cardiac arrest. Two heart attackes in one day.

She is heavily sedated but they are trying to take her off the venitlator. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. She is a sick little lady... I don't know if she can pull through.

Hugs to you!

Coffeypot said...

Actually her heart stopped, not an attack. No damage, and it has stopped four times. Four CPR's on her chest. Before the last one she complained about her chest hurting (from the CPR.) They will try to take her off he vent again today.