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Friday, June 04, 2010


My sweet boy has a couple of scabby spots on his side. I'm taking him to the vet this morning to see what they are. Of course, I have all the bad thoughts running through my head - scabies, cancer, mange, etc. - when in fact it is probably a bug bite or allergic reaction to something.

I do that with every illness my family comes down with - think the worst. I guess it is better to be worried about the big stuff and then feel relieved when it is something so small.

But what if...

What if my baby is really sick? What if he has something I can't afford to treat?

I'll move heaven and earth for this smoosh-face. He is, after all, my "forever baby". He depends on me for his every need. Unlike the kids, he will be with me until he passes away... my kids will move on to their own lives and families. This sweet thing will be with me until he is gone forever.

I need to quit being so down... I just need to get him some meds and make his itchies go away.


Wallene said...

Yes, you do need to quit worrying - but it is silly for me to tell you that because we all do it and you are going to worry anyway, right? :D

He will be fine - you'll see. Who knows - it could be allergies [and they are not expensive to treat] Besides I don't think cancer itches, mange would be real noticeable and scabies would be on you too [ha! disproved them all :D lol]

Not making light of your worry, you know that, just trying to make you smile.

Give him a smooch for me and let me know how he is doing. I am here if you need anything, kay?

comebacknikki said...

Awww... I hope everything's okay!

Becky said...

Hope all is well with your baby!