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Friday, June 11, 2010

On the morrow

This time tomorrow Carl, Bug and I will be dropping the boys off at the doggie hotel and hitting the road for the House of Mouse.

J-man won't be with us because he is riding down with my dad and and step-mom.

We don't really have the cash for this, but dammit, we deserve it. I don't care if I sit in a hotel room all freakin' day. I won't be in Georgia or at my job. I will be away from all the stress of work. I will be with my kids doing things they love to do.

We've saved up a little bit of money so dad doesn't have to do it all for us. Plus we plan on buying groceries and cooking instead of going out to eat all the time. This is definitley a budget- minded kind of vacation, but that is nothing new for us lately.

But the thing I am the most excited about? I get to see Mickey. Squeeeee!


SkippyMom said...

I couldn't be happier for anyone as I am for y'all right now. You SO deserve this.

Give Mickey a big ol' smooch for me [and make sure everyone takes turns cooking - Mom shouldn't have to do it all]

Love ya! Safe and happy trip. :D

Becky said...

Be prepared with lots of ice water to drink. Stay hydrated for sure. It was 97 today and I live about 45minutes east of Disney. I know the kids will have a good time. Enjoy yourselves and tell MM and MM hello!

Biddie said...

So, how was the trip? I would love to meet Winnie The Pooh :) I think that I would be star struck.