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Monday, June 28, 2010

Blubbering idiot

I have only recently started watching Dr. Who on Saturday nights. I have watched a few episodes with David Tenant, but, for some reason, Matt Smith (the current Doctor) has sucked me in.

This week's episode is by far my favorite of any I have seen. I am a HUGE fan of Vincent Van Gogh - HUGE - and the Doctor and Amy go visit him to dispose of an alien monster (it IS a Sci-Fi show after all). At the end, the Doctor wants to insure that Mr. Van Gogh realizes that he actually made an impact on the world. He takes him into the Tardis and brings him to the current world.

This clips shows what happens next. The description Bill Nighy (OMG! I nearly fell OUT when I saw him) gives is perfect. Absolutely PERFECT.

Before it was over, I was a mess and the kids were looking at me like I had two heads. I only wish this could have really happened to him. Maybe his life wouldn't have ended so tragically.

If you have never seen Dr. Who, I would recommend watching this episode all the way through and then going back to the beginning of this season. It is brilliant.


Coffeypot said...


Just that little bit brought a tear to the eye. But then a gnat fart with beautiful music in the background would do the same thing.

Marni said...

I know! The song definitly didn't help matters... it is beautiful.