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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweat and seawater

OK... it has been a while. I need to say something about Lost.

I love the show


I'm so freakin' confused.

Only seven shows left until the finale and they keep throwing more questions and twists. I reallyreallyreallyreally hope it all makes sense in the end.

Observations from last night...

  • Richard was breaking my HEART. I've always liked him, but his story was so hard to watch.
  • Jacob is freakin' hot. For those of you that don't watch... if you have ever seen Dexter, in the first couple of seasons (I think I only watched one), Dexter's wife had a first husband. He was a bad guy that Dex killed.... well that actor is Jacob. HAWT
  • The MIB isn't too shabby either.
  • Love Hurley even more. He is a ghost whisperer! Go figure. The whole time he thought he was going crazy seeing imaginative folks... maybe they are all ghosts that he needs to help.
  • Soooo is Non-Locke the MIB? Then why does everyone think he is Jacob?
  • You don't get to go into the base of the statue unless you are invited? Does that mean Jacob isn't really dead?
  • I'm so confused.
  • Why didn't Richard use his FEET to get the nail he dropped? Helllloooo... your feet were not chained to the wall... sit on your fanny, reach out to snag the nail and draaaag it to you. Hell... my kids know how to do that. Maybe it was the lack of water... (shrugs)
  • Smokey is so cool... and evil.... (side note: I was on a ride along for work the other day and was at a Wally World. While waiting on the manager I was checking email on my phone when I heard the smoke monster RIGHT BEHIND ME. The sound is so distinctive. I whipped my head around and saw a little old man riding on one of those scooters. The rubber of the wheels sounded just like old smokey. I decided right then that I was a nut case and needed to visit Hurley's wacky shack... or slow down on Lost theories... whatev...)
  • I almost cried so many times. Richard was so in love with Isabella. I think I would have done anything to be back with my lost love... but to say I want to stay alive forever... on a desolate island? Um... no
  • The ship destroyed a huge, stone statue? So much so that is was pulverized and only the foot remains? That must have been one helluva ship and storm! The ship was still in one piece.
  • How ugly, greasy, sweaty was everyone in this episode? Except for MIB, Jacob and Hurley... everyone needed a dip in some water. I was so happy when Jacob drug Richard into the ocean for the eye-opening, let me try to drown you to show you that you are really alive dunk.
  • I am so confused (have a said that before)
  • This episode didn't have any cross references with other characters... how could it? It was set in the 1800s!
  • How does Jacob know Elana and why was she in the hospital? Why does she trust him so much? Has she made some sort of deal with him?

That is it for now.


Mass Hole Mommy said...

A man claiming to be your dad, lol, told me to come check your blog out because I, too, LOVE Lost. Awesome epiosode last night!!

clew said...

MARNI! I wandered over here after our cussing exchange (you know ;D) and I totally need to favorite you. Though I'm not a Lost fan, my boy loves pugs and I totally dig Taylor Hicks.

Not to mention, KISS is the greatest!

Blogrolling, you, babe. See ya!

clew said...

Hey Marni! I gave you an award - come check it out!