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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know I haven't been around at all the past month. I got a new computer at work and they have blocked my ability to make updates to my blog... makes me mad, but I guess it is THEIR time. (tee hee)

I also can't read the Lost comments on Pop Candy and THAT my friends upsets me more than anything else.

Work has been a bitch. Seven projects and all due around the same time. I am pulling my hair out and not getting enough sleep.

I've been sucked into World of Warcraft and love every minute. It is my stress relief when I get home!

I haven't been hanging out on Facebook - thanks to work and W0W. Who the heck has time?

I HAVE been watching Lost and loving every minute. I know I need to give you guys updates, but I'm so confused I wouldn't know where to start. The show is awesome.

And the Olympics are on! I love, love, love the winter Olympics. We have been glued to the tv most of the time - or it is on in the background while we do other things. I loves me some Ohno and Ligety. Lindsey Vonn is a female bouche and (IMO) fake as all get out... I'd rather watch Julia Mancuso and her party girl-ness... a girl after my own heart. Sean White rocks my socks - and the kids'. Those snowboarders are incredible... and how about our four-man Bobsled team! What a great 2010 Olympics this has been.

So jealous that I can't do those things!

That is it for now. Just know I am around... I am reading your blogs and commenting when the firewall at work allows me to. By the time I get home, I don't want to read blogs... I want to kill critters on WoW.

Hugs to ya.


SkippyMom said...

Well, glad to know I come after critter killing on WoW. LOL

Just kidding - miss the heck out of you and you KNOW I don't watch Lost, never have, but I rely on YOU to keep me in the loop. So get on it ;)

As for Lindsay Vonn? She can have herself and take Bodie Miller with her - they are the worst representations of Americans possible and they embarrass me that they are on our team. I am just hoping they don't come back in 2014 in Russia - go away already.

I love our 4 man bobsled team - THEY make me proud and they are so cute to boot. We had a great time watching the Olympics - I thought the Canadians were gracious and very welcoming hosts and NBC didn't do too bad a job.

Okay that is my month's worth of comments. Like I said MISS YOU and if you need anything email or call me, 'kay?

Love ya.

CindyDianne said...

Trevor's level 78. Raging WOW addiction and school work aren't going so well for him. He's lucky he's super smart.