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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More strange happenings

Ok.. I think I may be losing my mind. Or what is left of it.

You guys that have been reading me a while know that I think we have a visitor in our home. His name is Mychael and he was my best friend in high school. He passed away 2 months before J-man was born and I didn't know until a year later. In between the time of J-man's birth and finding out about my buddy's death, strange things were happening that didn't make sense. Once I realized Mychael was gone, things fell into place.

Things were pretty silent once we moved into the home we are in now. No lights going on or off, toys are always quiet, etc.

That's been changing though and I'm beginning to think either Mychael has gained strength and making himself known, or we have something else here.

I mentioned in another post that I saw a shadow one night and thought it was Bug. I keep seeing things from the corner of my eye, but in the past week more weird things happened.

This past weekend, Carl got up to go to work. He was downstairs and I was sleeping pretty good. Suddenly I was jolted awake by the sound of Bug practicing her flute. It was about a dozen notes and she sounded pretty good. Only one problem... neither kid was home. J-man was with my dad and Bug was at a friend's house.

I asked Carl if he heard it... he was awake and downstairs after all. He didn't. And her flute case was closed and sitting in the downstairs hall.

Strange, huh?

This morning the kids were getting ready for school. Bug was downstairs with me and J-man was upstairs brushing his teeth, or whatever he does up there. I can't see the stairs completely from where I sit, but I can see if someone comes down them. I saw J-man walk slowly down the steps and heard the soft whispers of his feet on the carpet. I said "What are you doing buddy? Do you need something? You are supposed to be brushing your teeth." From upstairs I hear J-man say "I AM" and you could tell he had the toothbrush in his mouth.

I didn't say a word to either kid, but I KNOW I saw someone or something come down the stairs. And Lily was sitting on the knee wall in our living room looking at "it" too.

I'm not afraid. At all. I'm curious. I want to know if it is Mychael or someone else. I may have to do a small investigation on my own.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to speak to it, and ask who is it, and what do you want.

hoshikaze said...

ooohh.... so many theories, so little time!

it's possible that whatever-it-is is trying to get your attention. or possible it's just going around, doing what it pleases, and you just happen to see it now and then. ^_^ as long as it isn't malevolent i wouldn't worry too much.

on a related note, i have woken up from naps because i heard someone calling my name, but no one was in the basement with me. that's always a little trippy.

Biddie said...

What are you going to do first?? I have caught EVP's before, I don't want to do it my own home. I would be way too creeped out if I caught something.
We used to have the same thing happen at our old place with the stairs. I can't count how many times I saw a lil head coming down the steps and then..nothing. Scared the pants off of me, but then again, I don't think that my visitor is an old friend.
Our ghost has been acting up here, too. I am trying to ignore it all ( I got smacked in the head with a big piece of wood two weeks ago. It came FLYING at me, and that is only part of it) cuz I am not as brave as you are.
Have the kids noticed anything? Are they frightened??

Coffeypot said...

Well, it wasn't me...yet.

Marni said...

I want to do some EVP work in the near future, but am worried about what i'll hear! LOL

The kids are frightened... they are fascinated. They tell me things are happening, but sometimes I think they are just reading too much into stuff. I know that doesn't make sense... but they WANT to live in a haunted house! Go figure!

Biddie: Tell me more!

Dad: Hush. I don't want it to be you.

SkippyMom said...

I wish Paul would come back and "haunt" my house. It has been 23 years and I miss him to this day - but I guess he found his peace because I lived in his house for a few years after his death and nothing, nada.

I would be at peace and happy if I knew it was him [or my Dad - Dad would be fun too!]

The flute thing, tho'? I am always hearing the Eldest's flute [as she has been playing for 8 years] and I swear I hear it even when she isn't home as it is constant when she

[The starbucks comment made me spit with laughter, thanks - we did the Dunkin' Donuts run instead - made the bday girl very happy]

Patty said...

I am sitting here thinking hmmmmm. You mentioned that who/what ever is haunting you is getting stronger.
Have you thought about having one of the paranormal groups come in? I remember when I first started reading you, you had been on an investigation with a group. Can you call them? If you do make sure you ask them to bring the EMF monitor. I know from watching to many ghost hunter shows (ha ha) that high fields can cause stuff. Keep us informed, I am curious to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Biddie-- if I got smacked in the head w/ a 2x4 from NOWHERE (kids or hubby not throw it at me) ,I would get the CRAP outa there!!!!

teri said...

I always wonder if people who see things are more sensitive than others.

Good luck with the investigation. Hopefully you will find out if it is him.