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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tonight Carl and I are taking the kids to a concert - Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

The excitement in our house has been building all day. Bug ADORES Taylor, and I think watching her see her idol is going to be worth it all for me. She has been ready to go for the past four hours and keeps telling us how long it is until we leave.

"Just three more hours, mom!"

"Only 2 hours and 20 minutes, mom!"

"According to this clock, we leave in 50 minutes! Can we just go EARLY?"

Prior to the concert we are going to eat at the foodcourt in CNN Center. A couple of my sorority sisters are going to be at the concert, too, so we are meeting them sometime to say "Hi".

All in all, a pretty eventful night.

And according to Bug... we need to go NOW.


teri said...

oh, how was the concert? I love Taylor and Keith.

Biddie said...

How was it? Jessica LOVES Taylor Swift. I hope that Bug had a great time!