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Monday, June 22, 2009


The kids are in Virginia with my dad and step-mom this week. Carl and I were supposed to be with them, but with money issues and the "big project", we couldn't work it out.

But every night Dad will call me with stories of the day. It is like we are there... or not...

Yesterday - Father's Day - they went to Mt. Vernon. The kids were excited because George Washington was there telling stories. Dad said it was crowded... probably close to 5000 folks around the lawn and garden of our first President's house.

At one point Dad, Judy and the kids walked onto the back porch and lo-and-behold there stood Mr. Washington talking to a tour guide.

Mr. Washington began walking toward them and Bug - who is shy believe it or not - did her little hide and seek pose. She kind of turns into herself and you can see her try to disappear.

He stopped in front of her, said hello and then said:

"A young woman without freckles is like the nighttime sky without stars."

Dad said Bug blossomed.

She straightened up and smiled the most beaming, beautiful smile.

Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. As a girl growing up with freckles, if someone had said that to me I probably would have a different attitude about them today.

She'll remember that for the rest of her life; George Washington paid her a compliment.

I'll remember it for the rest of mine, because it is probably the sweetest thing I have ever heard.


Bug is also posting her own thoughts about the trip on her blog. Over there she calls herself "Freckles". Excuse the spelling and grammar... she's just a kid ya know. But I love her sense of humor and outlook on things.


Bubs said...

That's wonderful!

Say happy Father's day to your husband for me.

CindyDianne said...

That is an absolutely beautiful thing to say to Bug! Perfect!

Becky said...

How nice of old George to give her a very sweet compliment!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I've been reading her posts - I've even tried to convince her that one day Band Geek will be on of her best friends;-)

GrizzBabe said...

That's a beautiful story.