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Friday, May 08, 2009

Conversations at Pug Manor

At lot of questions have been asked around Pug Manor lately. Bug is maturing a bit and is starting to realize certain things about growing up.

A couple that she has asked lately:

Q: How can you have more than one baby?
A: From J-man: Because men make a lot of sper.... just wait... you'll learn in health class.
A: From me: Because women are made to have babies and some only want/have one, while others want/have more.
A: From Carl: Don't ask because you are never even dating!

Q: What is a period? (thank you miraz commercial)
A: From J-man: Ahem... ummm ... you'll learn in health class.
A: From me: It is something that every. single. girl. has to deal with until they are around 50... and you'll learn about it in health class. But if you have any questions after that, come talk to me.*
A: From Carl: Hey now! Lalalalala. Look Bug! It's a horse!!

Q: What does "spackle the ceiling mean?" (thank you CARL)
A: From J-man: OMG... daaaaad
A: From me: OMG... CAAAARL that is GROSS - don't say that crap around them! You can kid with J-man about it.... but not when Bug is around!
A: From Carl: "What?!!" (lauging hysterically)

Yeah... never a dull moment.

*I am more than willing to talk to her about it, and I will, but I've tried in the past and she freaked. Let's see how open she is after health class.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Girls are sooooooooooo much fun:-D

SkippyMom said...

You mention breasts, boobies or bras in front of Pooldad he leaves the room. Too funny.

Hey, I think I have a post...giggle...

And "spackle the ceiling"? OMG I haven't heard that since HS...jeesh Carl...LOL

fuzzyfoenix said...

I have 2 girls.. one 17 and one 12, believe me it was and still is quite an adventure when it comes to all the human growth and development stuff... now if I can just deal with the boys.. there's 2 of them also... one 14 and one 6. I haven't decided which one is worse when it comes to this stuff!

KLee said...

I have only the one girl so I'm not up on the whole "spackle the ceiling" thing like I should be, but if it means what I think it means, whack Carl in the head for me.

That is all.

Wait, on second thought -- that isn't all. Offspring's still going through the phase where talking about the body, or even more specifically, HER body, and changes in it, are strictly NOT FOR DISCUSSION. So, just to mess with her, we'll occasionally walk by, all cool-like, while she's on the phone, and say (really loudly) "Uterus!" or "Vagina!" Drives her *completely* insane.

Martha said...

I'm in little one is just turning four, and she's very, very curious about the twin babies my sister-in-law had a few months ago--where they came from and how they got there.

Becky said...

I know you will do just great with this conversation!

GrizzBabe said...

Spackle the ceiling?