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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I think I'm running a fever

On Wednesday nights I usually record Ghost Hunters on the DVR and watch Lost. They are two of my favorite shows and it sucks that they come on at the same time.

Lately, though, our DVR has been acting funky and I can't watch GH like I should. It skips or turns off right in the middle of an episode -- which sends me over the edge!

Last night was supposed to be a really good show so I opted to watch it live and wait until today to see Lost. OMG... I am going insane. ABC hasn't posted the episode yet and I refuse to go on Pop Candy to read the discussion thread.


Don't tell me what happened...

And, trust me, messed up DVR or not, this will NEVER happen again! LOL



Yeah... just watched it. And, like I said before, I'll never miss an episode again.

How ironic was it that I said it was KILLING me?? OMG!
  • Faraday breaks my heart! And talk about more daddy issues... holy crow! He and Penny are half-bro/sis! Wow. I think I saw that one coming though.
  • Did his mom really know it was him that she shot? She looked surprised, but I don't know.
  • Sawyer and Juliette really do make a good couple.
  • But Juliette was QUICK to get rid of the competition wasn't she? When Sawyer called Kate "Freckles", you could read Juliette's mind = "Gotta get rid o' that bitch!"
  • I really, really can't stand the crew in black. I know I'm supposed to remember names, but I am drawing a blank. The dude running around telling everyone to drop the guns and get on the floor... yeah, he needs to go. Now. I want Sawyer to take. him. down.
  • Dez promised Penny he would never leave. What a sweet scene, but I don't think I'd trust a strange nurse to watch my kid. During that scene I kept thinking, "Go get CHARLIE! Don't leave him alone!!!"

Off to read some Pop Candy now. So glad I got to watch it... didn't get to see previews for next week, so it will be a surprise what will happen.


Ann said...

I kinda saw the Widmore as Daniel's daddy thing coming too, but I was a bit surprised when Eloise slapped Widmore. I still don't get why she told Penny that it was Daniel's fault about Desmond getting shot? Was it because he lead the freighter to the island?
Anyway, still have lots to process from last night's episode. Maybe I'll rewatch it to make sure I didn't miss anything important. Glad you are posting about LOST again.

Biddie said...

Oh, this was a GREAT episode!
Jessica and I were left breathless when Faraday's mother shot him. I so do NOT want him to die!
I thought that Des was a goner, too That would be oh so unfair after everything that they have been through.
I waiting to see if they bring back Claire and Charlie...I can only hope!