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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I loved the surprises...

There were so many "WHAT?!!" moments on Lost last night! I was watching with two other ladies that love the show, and we kept looking at each other with eyes wide and mouths hanging open.
  1. How freakin cute was Des' and Penny's boy?
  2. And his name!!! Charlie?!!! Awwwwww
  3. A HYDROGEN bomb?! Richard Alpert buried it and used the button as a fail safe?
  4. Is that what Des has to go back for? He has to continue pressing the button because the world has been/will be destroyed?
  5. When they revealed that guy as Charles Widmore, I thought I was going to fall OUT of my chair.
  6. Poor Charlotte. She realizes someone loves her bitchy ass only to fall prey to a time jumping sickness. Oy.
  7. Sawyer looked like HELL last night. He needs a bath.
  8. Widmore can snap someones neck... he and Sayid would have an awesome grudge match.
  9. I love it that Widmore doesn't know about his grandson. I hope he doesn't attempt to hurt Des and Penny only to hurt the baby. Of course, that would be devestating to Widmore and might make him realize what a jerk he is.
  10. Is the young, gun toting girl on the island the same one in the hospital bed? What did Faraday do to her to make her a veggie... and was Widmore involved?
  11. I still think that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mom...

All in all I loved the episode last night. I missed Jack and Kate, but the WTH moments were worth it. Next week I'll get my fix of those.


Craig said...

I don't think the gun-toting blonde is the girl from the hospital bed. That girl was mind-travelling like Desmond and the guy that died on the freighter (George?). That's why she thinks she is in different periods of her life. Why she is hanging on for so long and continuing to travel rather than dying, I'm not sure. I guess Widmore must know something about how to keep her alive. But it is only her mind that is time-travelling, so she shouldn't be able to be there 50 years ago. I assume that she probably was a test subject of Daniel's, but I just have a hard time imagining him thinking it was ok to test on a human when the rats kept dying.

However, gun-toting girl was named Ellie and Daniel thought she was familiar. Lots of people think Mrs. Hawking is Daniel's mother and her name is Eloise (like the rat). I'm guessing Ellie is short for Eloise and his mom was just threatening to shoot him.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I think that maybe I need to watch this show. I've never seen it.

Biddie said...

I loved this episode, too. I thought it was awsome that the lil one was named Charlie. I am still waiting for his return.
I can't wait to see how they are going to bring everything together.