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Monday, January 05, 2009


We have all seen pictures of pugs dressed in their finest. They are so cute with their flat faces and spiffy duds.

Our family has never tried to dress the boys. We know who they are... we know they wouldn't want clothes on their fat bodies. All they want to wear are their harnesses when it is time to go for a W.A.L.K.

Until last night.

The kids and I decided to see if Dozer or Grimmy would let me put a shirt on them. Bug ran upstairs to get a shirt that is too small for her now.

I went to Dozer and tried to put it on his head. He snorted a bit and ran away.

I asked Grimmy what he thought about it. He wouldn't even come near me. We cornered him and tried to coerce him to wear it. Nope.

But then Dozer got jealous. He decided he DID want to give it a shot. He let me put the shirt over his head. Then I was able to get one - then the other - paw in the sleeves. It was all she wrote after that... he didn't want us to take it off!

Want to see him? Can you see the pride in his little face?

Look at the rolls hanging over his collar! I think it's a little too tight, but he didn't seem to mind.

I put the shirt's front on top which made it a little awkward for his legs. He walked a little bowlegged.

After we took the pictures we adjusted it so the shirt's front was on his belly. He seemed way more comfy.

Grimmy still doesn't want anything to do with getting dressed. He sniffed Dozer and jumped around a little, but we couldn't get him to put on a thread.

We're excited about this, though. The kids have visions of dressing Dozer up for Halloween, Christmas, or any other time it is feasible. I don't think Dozer will mind.

We may have created a monster.


SkippyMom said...

My kids found an Aeropostle Hoodie that was on their Teddy Bear that we put on Spoot....about too funny.[Well, until GRANDMA came through with argyle]

I am LOVING the rolls around the neck. Sorry they don't both want to be dressed, but hey! one is better then nothin'.

Big smooshies for the guys!
Hugs to you!

Patty said...

aww what a cute baby...I have a pug too.

Biddie said...

Too cute! I laughed at the neck rolls. I thought at first that the shirt had a fur collar..Then I realized that the dog did :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh that's funny! We can't get Dobby into clothes but I kind of dont' mind... I'm just too much of a redneck to let my dog wear clothes. I admit.

But damn, CUTE! The rolls around the neck crack me up. That's exactly why our Pug doesn't wear a collar anymore!

Actually I think almost everything a Pug does is cute! I'm completely ruled by his adorable self!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Can I be nosy and ask what size shirt you used? George weighs in at around 23lbs. Kids T Shirts would be sooooo much cheaper that buying dog clothes!!!

Marni said...

He's in an Old Navy Small... but Doze weighs about 32 pounds. (Yes he is FAT) A medium would fit him better, IMO.

SassyDog said...

Absolutely adorable! On a good day I can dress up Fuji. I always dressed her up for Pugsgiving but this past year it was held in Tampa so we didn't go. It is Tampa Bay Pug Rescue and raises money for the dogs. One year Libby@Neas Nuttiness and I dressed her George and my Fuji with real Hawaiian leis. They were so cute. Now my Sassy the chihuahua really has a wardrobe.