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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A scare

Dozer has always had a little bump on his left foot. We've asked the doc about it just to be told it is nothing but keep an eye on it "just in case".

Well the just in case happened. Carl was giving the big guy a bath and started hollering at me to "look at this". He let Dozer out of the tub and brought him downstairs. What I saw scared the crap out of me. His little bump swelled about 4 times its normal size and looked ready to burst.

See? (and this is after two days of meds)

I took him to the vet. They said it was a cyst and had an infection but nothing to worry about. It isn't a tumor thank heavens. Plus he has a double ear infection.

So for Christmas (and his birthday which is Christmas day) my baby is on an antibiotic, an inflammatory, and ear drops.

Bless his little heart - and foot.


SkippyMom said...

awwww, poor Dozer! I am glad it isn't anything major [but a double ear infection? how bad does that hurt....poor baby]

Give him lots of hugs and kisses from us :D

Merry Christmas to y'all - love ya!

KLee said...

Poor baby! My best wishes go out to him!

Dale said...

Poor little fella, Santa will make him all better, Santa and the meds!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Poor Dozer - I know you must have been really scared. I'm so glad that he's going to be okay!

Bubs said...

Oh man, what a scare. Glad the fellah's ok. Nothing like getting a bag o' meds for Christmas.

Biddie said...

Poor puppy. Thank goodenss it was nothing worse!