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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Makin' money

We are now three and a half hours into the garage sale, and have done fairly well I think. We've made nearly $200 and still have half a day to go!

It amazes me what sells and what doesn't. The TIVO with no remote control was the first to go. The Dallas Cowboys shadow box just sold... and yet the golf clubs and filing cabinet remain. I've sold cheap looking dishes but can't get rid of nice purses.

Go figure.

We lucked out on the weather, too. It is over cast and breezy... thank heavens it isn't hot and steamy.

It has been a steady stream of cars. I've met some of the nicest folks, too. Country as hell, but so sweet. One lady was even carrying her CAT around... he had his front paws over her shoulder and she was talking baby talk to him. So funny.

This is a lot of fun but a lot of hard work. I'm hungry but can't leave the garage for fear of someone coming. Bug is helping but she doesn't really know how to make change. She just talks to everyone and tries to show them the things we have.

I think more than half of our stuff is gone, but only a third of my books have moved on to someone else's home. It looks like our public library will have a nice donation next week.

Five and a half hours to go. Let me run to the potty before another car pulls up.


klasieprof said...

Sales are so WEIRD!! I wouldn't let anyone leave without taking SOMETHING and giving it away if htey didn't buy anything.

GOOD job..its not about GETTING the money..its GETTING rid of stuff!

Biddie said...

I love garage sales! Kayla and Cody are the WORST when it comes to passing one by. Shawn and I aren't much better, either. A couple of weeks ago the people across the street had one and Shawn bought almost everything. When it was over he 'saved' everything that ended up on the curb!
They are so much fun and I love meeting the people, too.

Beth said...

Did you sell everything?

ccw said...

I haven't had a yard/garage sale for years. It's always fun to see what people will buy.

I absolutely love the cat woman! Of course, I am alternately horrified for fear I may be doing this some day.