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Thursday, August 07, 2008

New member of the family

Hi. Dozer here...

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Her name is Lily and she is a tiny thing... especially compared to me.

See? Tiny.

She is a mess, too. Mom is always trying to get her to be still, but she plays constantly. I don't like that either. I never know when she is going to come after ME! I just sit real still with my tounge out and pray she doesn't notice me. BUT when she runs by I'll trot behind her just to see where she is going. If she stops suddenly, I put on my brakes and sit down. I'll look around, too, so she doesn't think I'm looking at her. I like to keep her on her toes.

She likes Jasmine, too. But Jasmine doesn't want anything to do with her. We've had to break them up a couple of times for fighting, but Lily is a tough little girl. She holds her own. Those little ears go back and she squeeeeels so loud... kind of hurts my ears. But those claws dig in just like Jasmine's...hurts, too! Here she is trying to get Jasmine's tail. You can see Jazzy could care less. (I can remember when she was that little! My how time flies.)

Anyhoo... that is our new girl. Now the balance of power is even in the house... 4 boys and 4 girls. But I think the girls are a whole lot cuter... (Mom thinks I'm the most handsome though... don't tell the guys. OK?)

Just sayin'...


CindyDianne said...

Howdy Dozer, I am so sorry you are having to put up with that super cute kitten!

Christine said...


Cute but glad it is only a picture!

Some Guy said...


ccw said...

Oh, she is so cute!!!

Jen said...

sooooo cute!

Homekeeping Heart said...

Dozer's adorable. Pugs are the best. I have three.