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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LA and I do not get along

I'm not a happy camper. You already know I got a parking ticket when I went to Venice Beach. Well, that was the beginning of some bad luck.

Let me explain...

Yesterday I was walking to lunch with a couple of folks from my meetings. My shoe started feeling funny -- like something was stuck on the bottom of it. These shoes are cute little ballet flats with elastic that criss crosses the top. Well... the sole of my shoe is flapping... and it comes completely off. I was mortified!

Then on the way back from lunch the other shoe does the same. exact. thing. I was walking around a business meeting with sole-less shoes. Unbelievable.

Now this morning- it is 7:30 here - I was drying my hair. I had the TV on, my straigtening iron plugged in, and a heat lamp going in the bathroom (I was cold, OK)... and guess what! Guess!!!

I blew a fuse!!

As I am typing this I am sitting in the dark with my hair halfway dry. My battery is running low on the laptop, and I want to cry! I called the front desk (for the second time) and was told that their maintenance people don't get here until 8 so there is nothing they can do...

I have to go out in public with my poodle hair to get breakfast and coffee... then wait to see if someone ever shows up to give me some electricity.

I have to be in the office at 10!!! And I haven't ironed my pants yet. Something told me to do it last night, but hell no... Deadliest Catch was on and I just haaaaadddd to watch it.

I'm supposed to go to Hollywood today for ride alongs. The girls I'm riding with said they would take me to where I can get pictures of the sign. They are going to take me to City Walk or some other location for lunch so I can possibly see some stars. Fun, right?

Well. On the news this morning (which I got to see some of before the flippen fuse blew) it is being reported that there is a structure fire at Hollywood and Vine!!! Lovely!!! Just my luck. I might not get to go down there after all. I'll find out when I meet the girls at 10... if I decide to leave the hotel...


I keep telling myself "This is an adventure. This is an adventure."

Quit laughing.

Update: As of 8:15 I have electricity. I know longer look like a poodle, my pants are ironed and I am ready to see some sights... and work, of course.


coffeypot said...

I say forget the ticket. You are in a rental car and they won't track you for that amount. I have done that several times in NJ and Texas. I would take you hair dryer, curling iron and computer down to the lobby and plug in there. Tell them you will go back to your room as soon as some dumb fuck flips a switch in the box.

Craig said...

Oh, that really does suck. I hope your trip starts getting better soon.

Nadine said...

Gak. I didn't care for LA the one time I was there. I like Coffeypot's suggestions.

Beth said...

WHEW! I was afraid you were gonna look like a cracker on the streets of L.A. Glad to know you're strutting it with your Marni style.

Valerie said...

I was glad to read the update and see that all is ok now.

I had read about the fire on and was wondering if it affected you somehow.

the rest of your day is going to be brilliant, cuz how could it possibly be bad after this morning?

SkippyMom said...

Damn, I get kerflunck when I blow a fuse on my space heater and heating soul [hee...I meant soleS] and CURLY hair...sounds like LA is a bit much there girlie....heee! [and YES I am jealous...I would do the no soles and bad hair to have your job...which we know you rock at.

Hang in there sweetheart....I can't wait to see I can be more envious! Enjoy, kay?

[and Beth with "marni style" yeah...glad you are representing...heeheeeehehehe... thanks for all of us east coasters!]

Hugs to you.Safe trip....

Esther said...

Ok, I don't care where those shoes are from - no shoe should just lose an entire sole!

Asthmagirl said...

I blew off a parking ticket in Santa Cruz once. Who knew they did the parking meter thing on a Sunday morning when we stopped to have breakfast. This was back in the 70's and they still haven't found me!
I loved Deadliest Catch last night Poor Jonathon falling off the dock like that....
Hope your day gets better!

CindyDianne said...

Um, I had New Orleans track me down for a rent car parking ticket. Three years later. It was 30.00. I forgot about it. Nice.

It's just 30 dollars. I say pay it.

Sorry about your morning and your shoes!