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Friday, February 08, 2008

Two shows -- one review

First off - Survivor

I love most of the "Favorites" - except Johnny Fairplay. I think he is an idiot and I am so glad he decided to go home. I can now enjoy the rest of the game.

Johnathan is at the bottom of my list, but he knows the game. It will be interesting to see how far he gets this time.

As for Parvati and James... that would be an interesting pair... and what is up with next week's episode? Ozzy was REALLY giving someone (Amanda) a kiss!!! WHOOOOO!!!! HOT!!!!! It's about time someone hooks up on the island! (I know it has happened before, but not like that!)

Now - Lost

I was confused last night. There were times I had to put my hand on my forhead and say "WHAT?!"

  • The plane was a whole and complete plane. Another Oceanic crash? Who was on that one? Who was the pilot? You know there weren't any survivors from it... was it placed there as a diversion to keep folks away from the island?
  • It is like a bad joke -- an anthropologist, a physicist, a drunk pilot and a ghost buster walk into a jungle....
  • What is up with the anthropologist (who KNEW to look for the Dharma collar) anyway? I think these four were from the original Dharma project and they are heading back to the island for some Ben hide.
  • How did the pilot get so hurt if he landed the helicopter safely?
  • Ben was shocked to hear that Hurley knows about the cabin. Another "special" one like Locke. Could it be because they are both crazy? Does that make Ben "sane"? Yikes!
  • Where/when was Ben's photo taken? Looks like an airport... so when did he ever leave the island and why?
  • What was up with the gas masks and bio-hazard gear? Did they think the island still reeked of the gas Ben used or are they planning on doing it themselves to get rid of Ben and his band of folks?
  • Could Ben's man on the freighter be Michael?

All in all a good episode. I can't wait for next week to see who the other member of the O6 crew is. I wonder if it is Sayid? (BTW - it was so good to see him last night. He is the hotness!) Guess we shall see!


Canadian flake said...

I totally agree with you about Survivor...was glad to see J.P. go home... as far as

"It's about time someone hooks up on the island! (I know it has happened before, but not like that!)".

guess you miss some of the going-ons with rob and amber eh??? LOL

Marni said...

I saw those, but I haven't seen a kiss like THAT on Survivor -- evah!!!

Valerie said...


Last night seemed to generate more questions than answers.

And I was disappointed in the writers when Ben pleaded for his life with Locke and told him he had answers but when Locke asked him about the monster, Ben had no information.

And the black cloud monster hasn't appeared recently...I wonder if the writers are trying to downplay it now because they didn't know where to go with it?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to you (tomorrow) Marni Dude!! I hope you have a fabulous b-day weekend!

Lost confused me last night too, but I just shake my head and hope that one day all will be revealed. I'm in it for the long haul.


whatevergirl said...

LOST--I am glad I am not the only one that is lost--LOL
Ok. That was lame.
That had to be another flight because the pilot of 815 was eaten by the monster, right? He didn't drown.
I have to say I am a little disappointed at the start of this season. It is getting old for people to be dropping out of the sky "pretending to be who they are not". And the guns flying around, that is getting a little old too. It is reminding me of "Pirates of the Carribean" where everyone is in a circle and each pulls out a gun and points to the person standing to their left.
I want the mystery of the island to come back through, not the mystery of a ghost buster, physicist, anthropologist, drunk pilot and beautiful agent 007 dropping out of the sky. How many episodes before we see them actually rescued?
I love Sawyer's line "who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?"
If you noticed Ben appeared to have on clothes from the 70s and had a little more hair...not sure what that means.
So, the Dharma initiative was putting polar bears in their unnatural habitat and feeding them massive amounts of steriods?
Two questions:
Who is keeping Jack's hair cut?
AND where is Desmond?

Trukindog/Scotty said...

I have been blog surfing all day looking for good blogs I like, to put on my blogs link list.

You made it WOO-HOO!

I love LOST and I must say I grab my head at least 3 times each episode and go WTH. I think that may be one of it most appealing features though, you just never know whats coming next.