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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Best Mom

I didn't get to see American Idol last night... we took Bug and J-man to the Hannah Montana 3D movie.

It was AWESOME!!! It was like watching the concert but without the "real" screams of thousands of young girls surrounding you. Miley may be 14 (or 15) but that girl has some true talent and she OWNS the stage when she is on it. I was truly, truly impressed.

If you have kids that love HM run to the theater and see it. You will be the best parent EVAH!!!


Canadian flake said...

sounds like a daughter would go nuts if she could see that..lmaooooo

I keep waiting for her to do the "achey breaky"


Burfica said...

my son won't admit he likes her. hehehehe

whatevergirl said...

You are going to make me go aren't You? That is all I have heard for a week from G!

Special K said...

Don't tell anybody, but I like her too.