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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rage much?

Yeah -- almost got killed Wednesday morning. (I wonder if Chelene jinxed me somehow)

I was turning left to get on the ramp that takes me to the highway. Coming from the opposite direction is another turning lane that has a yield sign. Meaning those drivers have to wait for US right?!!

Not for the pompous ass in the big white truck. He rode my back right quarter panel all the way down the ramp until the two lanes merge. Then he missed my bumper by inches... I was fuming, but I didn't do anything. (in my younger days I'd have shot him the bird)

We get to the highway and just to get out of his way I gun it. I get up to 95 -- yes you read that right 95 -- miles an hour and the jackass is still riding my bumper. I see a break in the cars and get in another lane.

Know what the ass does?

Swerves in my lane! Came within a hair's breath of hitting me! Then he swerved back into his lane and gunned it. I was going 80 by then so he was going well over 100. Guess he wanted to prove to me that he was a BIG MAN.

Then he started darting in and out between cars and even got pretty close to clipping the front of an 18-wheeler.

I was scared.

I called Carl to tell him what was going on and he said just to keep an eye on him. I couldn't see him anymore because he had gotten so far ahead of me.

Jerk. I hope he got to wherever he was going without killing someone.


CindyDianne said...

I'd have called 911. But Carl probably told you the smart thing!

Lisa said...

I'm really bad at not feeding into the rage. I would have just gone as slow as I could down the onramp and then at the very bottom taken off like a bat out of hell.

Valerie said...

Eeek! I would've called it in too...I hope you never encounter him again.

Marni said...

Lisa - that is about what I did. I drove the normal speed down the ramp -- I actually didn't realize what he was doing until the lanes merged -- and then I took off. He wouldn't let up!

Cindy and Val - I would have called it in, but it was shift change at the police station so no one would have been able to get to him in time.

Marni said...

I did wind up getting behind him again about 20 miles down the road; traffic had bunched up. But the minute he saw an opening he was driving like a maniac again.

I even got beside him at one point to see if I could read a company name on the truck. Nothing was there. Darn it. I would have reported him to his company.

Also, he had about 5 or 6 huge generator things in the back of the truck. Imagine the mess or damage he could have caused if he did wreck!

Makes my blood boil just thinking about him.

coffeypot said...

Sorry, baby. I didn't know it was you in that red racer.

Old Lady said...

Some one sent this to me this am.


Screen Cleaner

And to your post. Aint it though. I am shocked daily at the near death experiences I encounter here even!!!!

Old Lady said...

Just in case that link didn't work

Burfica said...

to bad people like that don't just take themselves out of the gene pool.

Biddie said...

I would have flipped him the bird, and then some.
Somebody was pissing in the gene pool.

Asthmagirl said...

I'm so glad you're okay!
That kind of stuff is so scary... People that do that end up taking themselves out of the Gene Pool at some point.

Thanks for visiting today. I really look forward to you comments as well as reading your posts here!

Beth said...

Tiny penises are a sad thing. Glad he didn't hit you.

I had an even worse road-rage incident one morning. This guy even drove on the grass on the side of I-285. He was driving a contractor truck, so I called the number to report him. He picked up the phone screaming, "BITCH! This is my own truck! I got your number now!!" He called me throughout the day. I found his info online — home address, business licence number, and such — and forwarded it to the boyfriend and the sister. I then moved within a month so I wouldn't have to drive the highways to work again.

Marni said...

Beth: You've told me that story before and I that is why I've never called anyone before. Even when I was looking for a number on his truck I was debating about calling it...

rain said...

I agree with Beth - it really is a shame about his small penis. Poor guy.

GrizzBabe said...

How you refrained from giving him the finger, I'll never know. But then again, people are crazy. You did the right thing by keeping your cool.

Amy said...

totally a jerk. Glad you are safe!

And I *heart* your new background!! I guess I need to do some catching up!

ccw said...

WTF is wrong with people?

I was nearly hit this week because some dumb ass that there was no reason for him to wait to merge. Never mind the two cars in the lane. I did flip him off.

Canadian flake said...

Wow I don't blame you for being is drivers like that, that get people killed...the butthead!! Glad you got where you were going in one piece.

chelene said...

That's a way scarier incident than mine! Glad you're okay. Too bad you didn't get a license plate number. He deserved to be reported.