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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas meme

I saw this over at Nikki's place and decided to do it myself. Because I got nuttin' else right now.

1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot chocolate - especially if there's peppermint involved!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just put them under the tree?
He just puts them under the tree... so they can be played with before the kids wake up the parents.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?
Growing up they were colored, but now Carl and I have a pre-lit tree with all white lights. It is very pretty and there is never a threat of divorce while putting it up.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?
Nope, but we give out enough kisses already -- it isn't needed.

5. When do you put your decorations up?
The week after Thanksgiving.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Collard greens, turkey, ham, rolls, and anything that involves sweet potatoes.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child:
I was watching TV one Christmas eve when there was a lot of noise outside. Mom told me to pretend like I was asleep because it was Santa. I couldn't believe he had come while I was awake! It was KILLING me! I wanted to look outside sooooo bad, but Mom kept telling me that if I did he would leave and I wouldn't have any presents. The noise finally stopped and I went to bed... the next morning I woke up to find a pony in my backyard. The noise was Dad and the stable folks moving Smokey off the truck and into our yard.

My favorite Chistmas evah!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I don't remember how old I was -- maybe 9 or 10 -- when I got a bike. It was a white 10 speed with an eagle on the seat... so cool. A couple of weeks after Christmas - when the pictures where developed - I saw the ones with my dad and his friend (DoubleKnit) putting the bike together.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
We go to my dad's on Christmas Eve and swap presents with him then, but the kids don't open theirs from us until Christmas morning.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
With ornaments? What else?

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it?
I love it when it is falling... but hate going outside to play in it. It is WAY too cold.

12. Can you ice skate?
If God had wanted me to ice-skate, I would have been born with steak knives on my feet! The only kind of ice I like is the kind in my glass.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
See number 7.

14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you?
Being with my family and watching my kids have their wishes fulfilled.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
Pecan pie!!!!!!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Being an only child, my parents got tired of always writing "To: Marni" "From: Mom and Dad" on my presents so they started writing that the were from other things like the car, the tree, etc. We have carried on that tradition and the kids get presents from their favorite Disney characters, horses, cars, sports stars... whatever they like that year. It is soo much fun!

Actually, everyone gets presents from their favorite folks that year. I have one from Mike Rowe!!! Oh yeah!!!

17. What tops your tree?

18. What are your favorite Christmas songs?
Probably "Oh, Holy Night"... I think it is beautiful and has the most magical words. This year I bought the new Josh Groban Christmas CD called Noel and it has BEAUTIFUL songs. And the kids got A Disney Channel Christmas CD. The songs on it are awesome, funky and tons of fun to listen to; my favorite is Kyle Massey's Jingle Bells (a hip-hop carol). Disney knows how to pick some talented kids...

19. Real tree or artificial?
Artificial. I would love to have a real tree, but I kill cactus plants... I can't imagine trying to keep a Christmas tree alive for a month.

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or yum?
Yummmmmm! I love anything peppermint - especially when mixed with chocolate.


Asthmagirl said...

You get presents from Mike Rowe from dirty jobs? Sweet!

KLee said...

Love your answers! Of course, I had to steal this, and my answers are up at my place. :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

I love hot chocolate, too.

Your dad is terrific...lots of fun!

And I'm not on your link list. Was I before? Can I be now?

Great template.


Marni said...

Hoosiergirl: You are on the list --right above Coffeypot...

comebacknikki said...

Mmmmm... peppermint!!!

coffeypot said...
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coffeypot said...

I remember the handle Double Knit, but I don't remember who he was. The guy helping me put the bike together that night was Robert from across the street. Remember, he was the one who had the skinny wife who was as nutty as a pecan pie? She claimed, for about a month, to be a vegetarian, and would go the Burger King, order a Whopper, with heavy everything and hold the meat. Honest, she did. Shirley – that was her name. Robert and Shirley!

rain said...

Merry Christmas! Hope it's wonderful!!

Marni said...

Hate to tell ya, dad, but it wasn't Robert. And now that I think of it, it wasn't Double Knit either. It was Mom's friend that had two boys - I know because the boys were in the picture, too. I remember thinking "do they know THEIR parents are Santa?" Let me ask Mom... she kept in touch with the lady... and the man lives in the town we (Carl and I) moved from...

Don't argue with me on this... it was MY traumatic moment. I remember it distinctly.

Marni said...

I just remembered their names! It wasn't Robert and Shirley - it was Bobby and Judy... and their two boys. You were close!

klasieprof said...

Merry Christmas!!

and..I worked at Burger King for YEARS growing up, and MANY Many people order whoppers minus meat. I tried it one time, and I HONESTLY could NOT tell the difference in taste. The GREASE that oozes off the chain the meat is put on is YUCK.

I miss the YUMBO ham sandwiches.!

lulu said...

You know, I've been asking for a pony for about 35 years now and still haven't gotten one.