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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Will it ever get better?

I don't know what I'm going to do with the kid.

J-man is passing his classes so far. He actually made Bs and one C last semester but he's backsliding a little now. AND he's lying to us again. He told me last night he didn't have math homework because they had a quiz in class... knowing he would get caught in a lie.

I emailed all of his teachers yesterday to see what work he was missing so he could make it up. His math teacher replied that he didn't do any classwork yesterday and he had THREE pages of work to do! Thank heavens I was at work this morning when I got the email (she responded after I left yesterday).

I can't deal with him. Carl has decided he will be the one to handle it. I keep in touch with the teachers and let Carl know what is due. He will work with J-man to make sure the work is done. I don't know if I can do this for another six years. Will he EVER realize what he is doing is a waste of time? He WILL get caught in lies, he STILL has to do the work...

I'm at my wits end!

Bug had a note as well that said she was missing some work. She told me that she made it up yesterday and an email from her teacher confirmed it. The teacher said "I think that she loves to read so much that she does that instead of doing her work." She realizes she made a mistake... it usually only takes one time for her.

So at dinner last night J-man told me that in his Health class they had to make a goal and make a list of how they were to achieve it. He said his goal was to be a better role model for his sister. When I asked him what were his steps he said he would:

  • Start doing his homework
  • Get his agenda signed every night
  • Stop acting bossy
  • Stop lying

After getting the email this morning I don't think he is off to a very good start.

My stomach hurts.


CindyDianne said...

Awh! Poor you! Kids can be such little nightmares.

Maybe he needs to be taken out of extra-ciriculars for a while, so he can concentrate?

I'd be at my wit's end too!

Marni said...

Luckily, soccer is over. The only extra he has now is band and that is for a grade.

Burfica said...

oh wow marni. We are having a hard time with Kiddo this year. 6th grade his first year of middle school. He seems to be a bit better. I'm hoping all the punishment the first 9 weeks has taught him his lesson. We shall see though.

Marni said...

Burfica: This is J-man's second attempt at 6th grade. He failed every single class last year and I had hoped that would open his eyes.

I think because he made such good grades on his first report card he thought he could slack off... no such luck.

It drives me CRAZY!

Biddie said...

Yikes. I know how frustrating that can be. Kayla struggled in school for YEARS and homework? Yeah, right. She never did it.
For awhile Shawn worked with her one on one, b/c I couldn't do it either. We just clashed, and plus, I was so angry with her for not doing what she was supposed to.
I think that you are doing all of the right things.
With Kayla, I threatened to take her out of her school and put her in a bootcamp or a private school. I even looked up places on the internet and made of list that I showed her- of the places.
She pulled up,and now, even though she still struggles with her grades, she is at least doing the work. She doesn't lie to me anymore, either. Thank goodness.
It took Kayla awhile b/c she is so stubborn...I know that J man will get it too.
Hang in there, Marni.
Hugs xx

Marni said...

We've been threatening the boot camp/private school too! I'm so glad to know we aren't the only ones struggling.

Love the kid but the thought of going through this EVERY year for the next six years makes me want to run screaming into the night.

Keith Kennedy said...

It's only 6 years until he can join the Marines. Hang on!

SkippyMom said...

I read J-man's list of things to do to SkippyHusband and asked "Uh, who does that sound like?'

He was like " not the Porcupine?" I think we all have one...and his list might as well be hers...argh!

The one thing I hate so much is we not only have to sign the stupid agenda, but a reading log, a spelling log, math homework and any other arbitrary thing her over zealous teacher deems notable each night...and if we don't....

We get a "bad slip" - two bad slips in one week and you go to the principal....

Big freaking horse one signs anything in middle school I say!

Hugs to J man...hang in there!

Marni said...

Skip! So glad you are back! I've missed you so much...

Lisa said...

Hang in there girl! Maybe letting Carl take over for awhile will give you the strength to come back strong and supportive. Sometimes we all just need a little break.

GrizzBabe said...

Being a parent can be so frustrating sometimes. I honestly don't know how you do it. I'd be pulling my hair out.

Fortunately you have a husband who can pick up the slack when you are about to go crazy. Imagine if you were a single mother.

Canadian flake said...

omg I am sooooooo glad to know I am not the only one going through this. My kids pull the same crap all the time and it drives me to want a drink. Wish I had the answer how to solve it...we really should compare notes, or just share good ideas how to get drunk!! lol

hang in there...

rain said...

The challenges never end, so they? I'm surprised they fail kids at that level. Here, until grade 8, they pass everyone. I'm never sure how I feel about that...hang in there.