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Friday, July 20, 2007

Remember me?


Sorry I haven't been posting much.

This project is kicking my ass! BUT, I have been receiving positive comments from my boss, my client, and my client's boss. That is good news. They think I'm doing a good job.

I just want it to be over; come on August 2! You won't be hearing from me much between now and then, but I will drop in every once in a while. I'm reading your stuff when I need a break.

Keep sending those good vibes.

Don't forget about me!


Valerie said...

Glad to hear that you are getting kudos at work. It always makes those hard projects a little bit easier when you get recognized for your work.


those are supposed to be good vibes.


Beth said...

Tell us about this groovy project!

Biddie said...

Like we could ever forget about you! :)

her indoors said...

how could we forget about you. we will be here waiting for you when you have the time, try not to work too hard

KLee said...

We won't forget you. We're checking in to see that you're okay.

Hope the project wraps up smoothly, and that they're blown away by your (obvious) brilliance!