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Friday, December 29, 2006

A girl and her horse

Bug's little hints worked -- her PawPaw (aka Coffeypot) broke down and bought her Butterscotch. I have to admit it - this horse is AMAZING. She is part of the Furreal Friends group of toys that are so life like.

Coffeypot and SweetTea had a scavenger hunt for the kids. (J-man got an air hockey table! Holy Crap!) She looked and looked all over the place and finally found the final clue. Under a blanket was the box that held her pony. She was speechless - which is a feat if you know Bug. Her eyes got huge, she turned to look at me and all she could say was "Ha Ha!"... it was so funny. Then she started squealing and jumping around. She later told me that she was thinking to herself "This can't be real! Is that really Butterscotch?" She was one happy kid, I tell ya!

Butterscotch -- who Bug renamed "Peanut Butter" -- is a trip. When you pet her she winnies. She snorts air from her nostrils. You call her name and her head will turn to you. If you stand behind her and say something, her ears will flick backwards. Bug can sit on Peanut Butter, tap her hindquarters and she will move her head like she is walking... there are even "clopping" sound effects! It is like having a real horse without having to muck out a stall!

When the lights go down, PB will go to "sleep". Needless to say, she is in Bug's room and hasn't left. I hear Bug talking to PB while she brushes her. I hear little winnies and neighs all day long. I think Bug has found a new best friend... I wish she could be real, but Peanut Butter will have to do for now.

Want to see pure joy?


Life, or Something Like It said...

There is nothing better than seeing a kids face at Christmas! How cool that she got her Peanut Butter!
An air hockey table? In my dreams! I love air hockey!
It sounds like a Merry Christmas. Your dad rocks.

Marni said...

We still have to assemble the table... Carl isn't too happy with it right now. When he was unloading the box off the truck it fell on his foot! We thought it broke it, but it didn't. His foot is black and blue though... He is steering clear of it for a little bit. Hopefully we'll get it together this weekend.

Erin said...

What a cutie! Sounds like a great gift.

I'm glad that my fiance still buys me the occasional toy (a Barbie this year- shhh! don't tell anyone).

SkippyMom said...

Paw Paw rocks! and I think we all need to meet at your house and have an air hockey Carl is okay...glad it isn't broken.


KLee said...

Whoa -- grandpa shelling out the big bucks for his little Bug! What a nice grandpa! (My dad does stuff like this for Offspring -- he LIVES to show us up as parents, I tell ya!)

Peanut Butter sounds cool, but all that neighing might get to be aggravating after a while! Also, you have to keep an eye on bug that she's actually SLEEPING and not playing with Peanut Butter! :)

Sorry about Carl's foot. :) Hope he feels better soon. You want to keep JF as far away from that air hockey table! To him, air hockey is a contact sport!

Glad to hear that your Christmas was very merry, indeed!

Beth said...

So cute! That Coffeypot guy is kind of cool, isn't he?

Heidi the Hick said...


way to go Coffeypot!!

Now make sure Bug attends to her new best friend at least twice a day!

her indoors said...

hope she remembers she has to muck out the stable! have a great New Year x

The Boob Lady said...

Oh My God. She actually got Butterscotch! I am so happy for her!!

DJ Andi said...

I didn't know there was such a thing. Very cool. Sounds like something I would have liked. Not sure which I would have liked better though...air hockey vs. pony???? Either would have been great, but I think I'll take the air hockey now thank you.

Sorry about Carl. I know that's the one downfall for parents...either batteries aren't included or you have to put it together.

CindyDianne said...

OH OH OH, the pony is adorable! It sounds like y'all had a very Merry Christmas indeed.

I am back to work tomorrow and not looking forward to it. Good news? My comute is as short as the walk into my living room. Bad news? I have to actually start working again!