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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Closing a blog

I think I'm going to delete my other blog - The Lost Survivor. I can't keep up with both of 'em and I feel guilty when I don't post. I'll just have to do my TV comments here... hope you don't mind! :)


SkippyMom said...

No worries - we know how hectic it can be. Just as long as I can find your recaps somewhere [just because they are actually better than the real thing!] pressure of course!


Esther said...

I can't imagine keeping up with two - I have a hard enough time with just the one.

Anonymous said...

I do mind, as a matter of fact.

Just kidding!

Beth said...

I don't mind; I often forget to check the other blog.

BTW, you’ve been tagged.

justacoolcat said...

Two blogs is a lot to handle.

Chris said...

I have the same trouble with my spin-off blog. Consolidation can be a good thing.

her indoors said...

not a problem i can have an insight to Lost!