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Thursday, October 26, 2006

My little princess

Bug loves horses. She has never been one to play with dolls; only horses. I swear she has a collection of about 200 of them; stuffed, plastic, Barbie, miniature – you name it, she’s got it. She will not watch a movie or read a book unless it has a horse in it. It drives us crazy sometimes, but, I have to admit, she is easy to shop for!

So she comes home with a library book called The Girl That Loves Wild Horses.

M: It’s a story about you, huh?

B: No, it’s a story about an Indian princess that loves horses.

M: So it’s not about you?

B: (rolls her eyes) NO, Mom! I’m not an Indian!

So I guess that makes her a princess?


SkippyMom said...

It is great that she has such a passion - Squirrel took riding lessons forever until we moved and she misses it so much.

How many is your daughter going to have when she grows up? We are figuring a herd of about12 -20 [so far] for ours!


Beth said...

Such a princess. You need to tell her that her great-grandmother was part Cherokee (half? quarter?); ask that Coffeypot guy who always leaves comments here.

her indoors said...

ah see she knows just who and what she is