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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost thoughts - part 3

So tonight was dedicated to John Locke... me like! Some questions and observations... (as I sit on my new couch - pictures later)

  • Who were the folks Locke and Eddie had "supper" with. Did I see one of the Others at the end of the table? Who was the head of the family? He looked familiar, too.
  • I know he had a hallucination when he was with Boone, but how freaky was it to see Hurley at the ticket counter entering in the numbers? And Ben waving the magic wand on Jack. Could those be some hints?
  • I'm so glad Locke, Ecko and Desmond aren't dead. At least not yet... Ecko isn't looking too good.
  • "Whatever they are trying to blow up" What is that about? Was Locke some sort of terrorist? Nope. Just a dope grower. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to Charlie - no? (And no pun intended)
  • I'm glad he didn't shoot that guy - but what happened to the crew he was living with? We still don't know how he became paralyzed...
  • Glad Locke wasn't trying to sneak up on a bear in that cave. He made SO much noise! And what was up with the Tonka truck?
  • Hurley's shirt looked like a dress on Desmond...
  • Locke gave a speech? Did Desmond have his own little sweat lodge experience?
  • Hurley had deja vu experience? Was is Locke barking orders? What is Desmond throwing something in the ocean? Has he been on the island before? What does seeing the same actions over and over again mean?
  • Which one does Kate love? Sawyer? Jack? Oh goodness I can't wait until next week!

That's all for now. I will be doing a community service project tomorrow so I won't be able to read any posts until after dinner. I hope you guys caught something I missed.... or not... maybe you just want to talk about it?

Later, Losties!


Chris said...

I finally got caught up on all the episodes. More Locke is fine with me. He is one of the more interesting characters. I liked this one best of the three. Lots of action.

Esther said...

I wanted to know about this deja vu thing also. And it's also bothering me that we still don't know about how Locke became paralyzed - or why he can't walk when Boone is around.

Next week's episode looks good!

Life, or Something Like It said...

I missed last nights episode, and after reading your thoughts, I'm more confused than ever!!!!
Maybe when you get a chance, you can fill me in...

Dayle said...

Well what about when the episode revolved around Harley? When we saw him in the institution? Is he crazy or is he really a lottery winner? Oh man. I have so many questions that I will be watching this show for eternity or at least until it gives me the answers I need.

Beth's friend - Dayle