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Sunday, October 15, 2006


My trip to the DMV wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got lost finding it -- I usually renew my license online so I haven't needed to visit this particular location. They have it hidden in some obscure location and Map Quest didn't quite give me the most accurate details.


It only took about 30 minutes. Not too bad, eh? I even got to Bug's soccer game at the opening of the third quarter.

I had so much fun watching the folks. While in line I met a man that was replacing his license because "it snapped it two! Don't know how, but lookit... see it?" Then his offspring and wife came up to him... lordy, I live in a redneck town!

Saw all walks of life. Young men wanting to renew. A gentleman attempting to get his CDL. A group of punks waiting for one of their friends. Familes - young and old - all there for the same thing. The permission to drive.

The most interesting interaction I saw was a Spanish-speaking woman with her English speaking-son arguing with a DMV worker about taking her written test. The test is given in English... the lady couldn't read it. Hell, she could only speak a couple of words. She thought she could bring someone along to read her the questions and answers then SHE would answer it. Nope. Doen't work that way. She decided to try it anyway... just by looking at the pictures. It never crossed her mind that she would have to read what the choices were. It was frustrating for me to watch. I can't imaging being the DMV worker.

So now I have a sparkling new license with a new picture. My other picture was taken when I was heavier and no one believed it was me. The only thing is, I forgot to change my weight. Oh well, I'll wait a little longer before I go back... like 4 years.

1 comment:

DJ Andi said...

Well if you're like me, your weight has never changed since you were 16 so it didn't matter. Besides, you really shouldn't have a good "happy" picture, because chances are, if you are pulled over you won't be too happy. I'm hoping I can do mine online next time too.