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Friday, September 08, 2006

Vanquishing foes under the kitchen table

We get a lot of bugs in our house. Spiders, flies, ants… they love our home. Don’t know why. Maybe they feel safe. Maybe they like the crumbs the kids leave in the floor for the dogs to snarf (I do clean them up, I swear!). Who knows? I only wish they would change their minds and go away.

A couple of days ago, while J-man was eating breakfast and Bug was upstairs brushing her teeth, Dozer started acting funny. He was under the bench that J-man was sitting on and was doing this little “hop”.

He would hop forward, back up a little bit, and sneeze. It was this sweet little “chuff” type of sneeze that made his head shake a tiny bit. He would do it over and over. J-man finally got a tiny bit curious and looked under the bench.

What on earth was Dozer sneezing at?

A baby scorpion!

J-man started yelling for his dad. LOUD! He claims, now, that he was very brave, but I would say that squatting on a bench with both knees up under your chin while screaming “DAD” at the top of your lungs doesn’t really entitle you the adjective of brave.

Dozer, on the other hand, was right there with that scorpion. In his little puggy mind, he was a big, scary, fuzzy, flat-faced monster that was giving that bug a run for his money. Never mind that he wouldn’t get close enough for the stinger to reach that sweet little nose.

He thought his sneeze had the winds of a category 2 hurricane and the scorpion was frozen in fear! He had him right where he wanted him. One wrong move and Dozer would go Fear Factor on him… chomp, chomp.

Carl squashed the scorpion. J-man came down from his perch and Dozer sauntered off to look for another foe to vanquish.

Maybe he’ll finally snap that fly out of mid-air the next time it comes by… after all, you don’t go messin’ with the Dozemonster!


Beth said...

Go, Doze!

Marni said...

He's my brave little guy. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy -- but isn't he the cutest thing?

barista brat said...

what a cool pug!

i would have freaked if a saw a baby scorpion.

Marni said...

Me, too. Carl told me the story on the phone. I was so glad I wasn't there to witness it.

I did wake up one time - back in high school - and there was a scorpion on the pillow next to me. If I had rolled over he would have gotten me in the face. Scary!

Old Lady said...

My cats are deadly when it comes to flies! Thanks for the pup pix!

Life, or Something Like It said...

OMG! I would FREAK! We get huge cenetepedes( that can't be right..too many e's). They scare the crap outta me and are so incredibly gross. Yay Dozer! My hero!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Beware all that doesn't walk on two and fours, you have been warned! Long live the Might Dozer! Slayer of scorpions! Vanquisher of vermin!

Mother of Invention said...

I love pugs! I wasn't allowed any pets but my one and only stuffed animal was a pink pug called Floppy. Very cool dog.
I have cats now.