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Friday, September 22, 2006

Time for fun

Today is going to be tons of fun... my department is having a picnic at a local park. Wooo hooo!

Normally I enjoy a fun day in the sun, playing softball or volleyball, and people watching. But today I have to do it with my coworkers. Don't get me wrong! I love about 98% of these folks but some of them are just down. right. mean. You know the type: nothing is ever good enough. The food stinks, the location is too far away from their home, they have too much work to do... blah, blah, blah. They are negative nellys and I have a hard time being around them for any length of time.

I think I'm going to hang out with the people that like to laugh and cut up. I want to have a good time with this... to hell with the nay-sayers!

It's time to get my groove on --- Can you do that at a company picnic?


Beth said...

Some of my best grooves were gotten on at a company event ... so go for it! Which park?

Life, or Something Like It said...

Have fun, hang with the cool kids!

Old Lady said...

It depends on my mood. Usually they are on an off day so I do what I want!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy it, and like you suggested -- hang with the cool people, and to heck with the Nega-Nerds.

I don't think you can totally rock out at a work function, but you can at least groove a little. I mean, you don't really want the boss to have blackmail pictures of you topless, or anything... but having fun and sharing laughs with coworkers is all right. :)