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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Ep. 2

Tucker was voted out last week... not suprising. He was entertaining, but the others were a lot better. Who will go this week? Let's recap...

The women danced the Mambo and the men took on the Quickstep.

Willa Ford: One word -- HOT. She is gorgeous and her partner is SMOKIN'! I enjoyed their performance; it was full of energy and looked like a lot of fun. They should be safe this week... no bottom three for them.

Harry Hamlin: He still looked stiff, but it was much improved over last week - even the judges agreed. He actually had a personality... He will probably be in the bottom three, but I liked watching him.

Monique Coleman: I wish I could move that like! They did a great job -definitely more chemistry than last week. I loved their performance and am very excited for them.

Mario Lopez: You can tell Mario has taken dancing lessons before. It all comes so easy to him. The judges said he was kind of putting on an act instead of dancing; it wasn't a traditional Quickstep performance. I didn't see it that way, but I don't know what the real thing is supposed to look like. I thought it was a good performance -- not my favorite, but still fun to watch.

Shanna Moekler: Boring. Yawn. I could do the dance they performed... it was so -- um -- tame. I didn't find it sexy or raunchy at all. The judges liked it though. I don't get it. I wanted more excitment and movement. Oh, well.

Jerry Springer: He is just darling...dancing with him would be like dancing with you dad. Nothing sexy about it, but a lot of fun and laughs. I love a man that can make fun of himself - and he does it so well. He is a joy to watch even when he messes up. His partner was hurt, but you couldn't tell. And the support he gave her was phenomenal. He told her that in the end it is a television show and her health is more important. What a guy. Great job! They are safe again this week. Jerry... Jerry... Jerry!

Vivica Fox: Very sexy and fun. Even a cartwheel - holy cow! I thought they did a fantastic job... but I don't think it was the best of the night.

Joey Lawrence: LOVED it! This couple has a chemistry that just works. They have fun, they look great, and they can dance. They make it look flawless... they could just win this competition. One judge said it so well - "The performance of the night" (He's still lickin' those lips, though)

Sarah Evans: She is such a doll! She did so much better than last week -- she wasn't as stiff. One judge said she is too reserved -- I agree. I wanted to see more movement. I loved her smile and her outfit was perfect for her -- it looked like a country saloon girl. They didn't get the lowest scores. That is good news. I'm afraid she may be the one going home, but I hope not...

Emmitt Smith: Emmitt, Emmitt, Emmitt - I love you! What a joy to watch! He has the sweetest and most mischevious smile. He is a wonderful dancer. What a natural. I could watch his performance over and over.

I have changed my mind since last week... Emmitt is still one of the teams to beat but this time I have to say Joey is a major threat. I'm not sure who will go home. Jerry got one of the lowest point scores, but people will call and keep him in just because of who he is.

Anybody else watch? What do you think?


Old Lady said...

Just the trailers on ET, but Jerry Springer is cute.

Marni said...

I do not like his show, but Jerry is a warm, funny guy! I am crazy about him... I NEVER thought I would say that!

Coffeypot said...

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry Springer cure? Then I must be an Adonis. Besides, the test results are in and he is dancing with his granddaughter on his wife’s side by her brother who was actually born female. And Harry Hamlin has to win so he can use the money to keep his wife’s lips full of botox (or how ever it is spelled.) I had rather watch bowling.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Missed it again. Did you know that Jerry Springer once tried to pay for a hooker with a BAD cheque? Nice. I could never look at the same way after I found that out.
What's with Joey licking his lips? Weird. I'm glad that I didn't see it. i want to remembeer him the way he was.

Marni said...

I didn't know that about him! Ewwww...

I think Joey licks his lips out of nervousness... it's pretty distracting.

lulu said...

Jeryy Springer is SO charismatic that *after* the incident with the check and the hooker he was elected Mayor of Cincinnati.

People who knew him then, my dad included, thought he might end up being President someday.

Marni said...

Wouldn't THAT be a hoot?!

ziggystardust73 said...

I have a titbit of information for you around this show, Marni -

Vivica A. Fox is dancing with my old dance teacher (I used to dance when I was younger) - his name is Nick Kosovich - I believe he's been in all 3 seasons!

Useless piece of information but I thought I'd share regardless!

Have a great weekend.

Marni said...

Oh, Ziggy - that is just so cool! Have you ever heard the term "six degrees of separation"? Looks like you are my link to that one person! Only one degree!