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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The big one-one

Eleven years ago today I met the most wonderful person. He was bald, chubby, and so darn cute. He gave us a scare, though. After two - yes, TWO - epidurals, J-man came into this world natural. He had been without oxygen for a while so the nurses wisked him away to the NICU while I wondered what the heck just happened. Carl followed him out the door and I was told it would be a few hours before I got to see him. In all actuality, he was in our room before I got there.

I don't remember what life was like before J-man. I remember partying, school, and other things, but after the J-man was born my life changed... for the better. He is a sweet kid and has taught me so much about patience, goodness, and loyalty. He loves his family - especially his sister. He has the biggest heart and wants to take care of everyone.

His one downfall is that he worries too much. I think J-man is an "old soul" that wants to protect everyone and everything around him. We keep telling him to quit worrying so much and enjoy being a kid. He tries, he really does, but you can see it in his face when he starts to get concerned. We think it all started when he witnessed his dad having a seizure (his only one!) - since then he has been obsessed with getting hurt or dying. Such a hard thing for one so young, but we are trying to help him with it.

He has the strangest sense of humor, too. J-man is very mature for his age, so the kids in his class just don't "get" him. We have always talked to the kids like adults so he has a different look on life. The kids call him wierd, and I have to admit that sometimes he is, but I wouldn't trade his personality for anyone else's. He is SO unique, funny, and smart!

I only wish J-man could see how smart he is. I think school bores him. He starts the 6th grade this week, and I hope it will be more of a challenge for him. Changing classes and getting to do other activities will really help him out. It is hard for him to sit in a classroom and listen to the blah, blah, blah of a teacher. (Not that all teachers do the blah thing -- that is just what he hears.)

He is excited about getting involved in band and the drama club. He wants to be an actor - and he would be SO good at that! He has almost memorized the entire Bill Engvall skit from Blue Collar Comedy tour and can quote a lot of Larry the Cable Guy. He can hear a song one time and know almost all of the words. He is amazing.

The next year is going to be interesting. He is going to go through so many changes! He is so excited about being in puberty (?!) and was asking his dad last night about his voice changing. He says he can't wait to be taller than me and I can't wait to see it myself! He is my sweet, sweet boy and I love him so much. He is a wonderful son, brother, and grandson. I couldn't have asked for better.

Have a wonderful birthday, J-man! You are the man! Now git-r-dun!


Paige said...

I love nothing better than when you write about your children. You describe them through a mother's eyes as well as a friend's eyes. I hope he has a wonderful birthday and enjoys the 6th grade. Tell him that he got his worrying from the Coffey-side of the family. I got it too, and I hate it. Tell him it's easier to "snap out of it" took me too many years to figure out that I could worry all that I want but it wouldn't change a thing!

Marni said...

Thank you, Paige. I'll let him know - maybe hearing it from someone other than his mom will help him out.

KLee said...
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Marni said...

Thanks, Klee. VERY sweet. :) Makes me giggle.

Coffeypot said...
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Marni said...

You need to write these stories in your BLOG, DAD!

Beth said...

Give him a birthday hug for me. And tell him I'll take him out for a beer on his next birthday.

Is he nervous about starting middle school?

Marni said...

No - more excited than nervous. I'm the one losing sleep over it