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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Random thoughts on a Satuday morning

  • It sure is quiet around here. The kids are with dad, the hubby is asleep, the boys are still in their crates. I'm sitting in front of the computer, drinking my coffee and listening to the world come alive. They are building houses behind us; the workers are arriving.
  • Why don't the birds like our "habitat"? We have a birdbath, a feeder, and some blueberry bushes. I haven't seen one feathered creature. What more do they want? Do I need to get different food? I guess I need to buy a house... but what type? I feel so inadequate!
  • J-man broke my heart yesterday. As he was leaving to go to my dad's he started crying and yelled at Carl that he (J) felt like he was being forced to do something he doesn't want to do. That is a first! He LOVES going over there... I wasn't here to hear that conversation, but Carl called and told me. I immediately called J-man on dad's cell. He was doing that gulping type of cry - he really didn't want to go! I explained to him that his dad had a class and I couldn't leave work early; we couldn't leave him home alone for two or three hours. He calmed down finally and we talked it out. I talked to him several times last night and we are OK. Taking both kiddos to the movies today just for some good ol' Mommy time.
  • I love my kids. I don't want them to grow up... but... I do. I want/need more quiet time like this!
  • Our new Home Depot is open! Yay! Only three miles away! We don't have to travel 15-20 miles to get to one of those lovely Orange Boxes.
  • Now if the stock would only rise!
  • I wish I could get that phone call I've been waiting on. Been told now that there is a hiring freeze. That sucks. I don't even know if I'm still in the running. My boss called "her" and asked where they were in the process. She said that had received a whole bunch of resumes that they needed to process. She said a decision will probably be made next week. Yeah. Right. My boss felt that "she" was frustrated that they couldn't make an offer and get the process over with. I hope that is correct, but I can guarantee she is not as frustrated as I am!
  • I hope someone with "more experience" hasn't placed their resume in the pile and will outshine me.
  • I'm the one they want!
  • Why does summer TV stink so bad?! Come on September.
  • Once again I have tried to post pictures of the boys and blogger isn't letting me! I give up!
  • What is this flickr thing I see on people's sites. Maybe I need to look at it. Maybe then you can see my sweethearts.
  • Bug got braces this week; this is what they call "Phase one". She has two brackets on her front two teeth, an appliance on the roof of her mouth and a retainer for the bottom. I only hope she doesn't loose her retainer - like her brother did. This one is special -- we have a key to crank it open a little more each week. Fun! She thinks she is such a teenager with her braces on!

OK that's it for now. Gonna go take a shower and then get my kids. I can't wait to be with them today.

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Old Lady said...

Sounds like you had a nice day. Depending on what kind of birds you want and how long the seed has been out and how protected they feel will determine when they come.

They feed early in the am about sun up, noonish & evening before sundown. Try a variety mix of seed to that it will attract all birds in your area.