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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane

In 24 hours I will be at the airport preparing to fly to New York with my family. I am more than excited to get this vacation started. It has been a long time since we have ventured more than 4 hours away from home. This is the kids' first time on a plane and, along with Carl, their first time in New York. I cannot wait to watch their faces as this new adventure unfolds.

How do I envision the rest of the week? Well, let me give you the details of how I think it will go...

Sunday: Stressed out trying to get to the airport. We are packing on Satuday so that won't be the issue. The kids will be bouncing off the walls and Carl and I will be crazy trying to get it all loaded up in the truck and then getting on the road. Once we get to the airport, more stress because Daddy will be there trying to control it all - and he gets frustrated SO easy which makes him... um... testy. No big deal. We'll get on the plane and off to NY City! Once there, check in to the hotel and take off for the city. First stop - the WTC footprint. That is the ONE place I feel we need to visit. After that - don't really care what we do. I'm on VACATION!

Monday: Up early and back to the city. We plan on going to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square... you know - all the touristy things. This is for the kids. Once we finish our tours, out to dinner and then back to the hotel.

Tuesday: Head to the ship! It is cruise day! Once we get checked in we will head to our cabin and then I will be on the balcony watching us sail away. Depending on which side of the ship we are on, we will either see the city as we leave or the Statue of Liberty. Lots of pictures! From then on, my balcony will be my place of rest. Watching the waves as we cruise away - night or day - what a relaxing treat!

Wednesday: A day at sea. We'll be doing things with the kids, eating, hanging out at the pool, eating, gambling, eating...

Thursday: We arrive in Halifax. Taking a couple of tours and LOTS of pictures. Only there for about nine hours, but it is out of the US and a beautitul location I never thought I would see.

Friday: Back at sea - repeat Wednesday

Saturday: Back in New York. Off to the airport and flying home. Some stress there because, again, we have to get two kids and my dad to the plane. Should be the most stressful day of them all.

As you can see - there will be alot of action pressed into a few days, but, hey, I won't be a work, I won't be cleaning house, nor will I be cooking! I will be with my family on an adventure - one that my kids will remember forever. I love making memories with them and am so excited when we all get to do new things.

I'll post when I return - unless I can find a computer on the ship - and I'll post pictures. Say a prayer for us that the plane stays in the air and the ship on the water... I'm nervous about flying, but what are the chances?...

Have a great week everyone! I'll be thinking about you!!!! NOT! :)


Beth said...

It sounds like a fantastic trip, Marni. You know I haven't made it to the WTC site yet? Take lots of pix for me. Maybe we should meet for cocktails after you get back so that I can hear all about the trip.

But I don't envy you on your travel days. OM was always great fun to travel with ... except for travel days. UGH!

Love you all!

Paige said...

Have a fabulous trip! If you want to go for a great dinner, try Da Nico in Little Italy. I was there a few years ago with a boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend and we sat right next to Rudy Guiliani who was dining with John McCain. Sent Mom and OM there on their last visit to NYC and they loved it too.

Marni said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll put it on the list of things to do... I am SO excited!