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Friday, June 30, 2006

Enough already

Who gives a rat's a$$ about Star Jones? She looks awful, she is full of herself and she made one big ol' CLM (career limiting move)... she pissed off Barbara Walters.

Who thinks the name "Star Jones" will be remembered in 6 months? Ms. Walters will do her all mighty best to wipe that woman off the face of the earth. We'll be saying "Who was that woman who had companies sponsor her wedding? Remember? She was that big gal who had the secret gastric bypass surgery (but still will not admit to it)... AND Rosie replaced her on The View. Remember her? No? Me either! No loss.

Star will need to either gain her weight back or disclose that her husband really IS gay to get her name back in the news. Poor her... NOT.


Beth said...

Beth stands and applauds her cousin's wonderful rant.

DJ Andi said...

She's a fool. Anyone who thinks you can lose that much weight that fast and without help...get real. Anyone should have been suspicious the second she would not divulge her weight loss secret. That right there tells you she's a LIAR. I'm with you, she is stupid. She should have left with her dignity and made up a great story as to why she was leaving (like trying to get her husband to like her since she's a woman). However, she is sort of a diva, what if her operation was a sex change and not the gastric bypass? Maybe those hormones put on the pounds??