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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I had to have a conversation with my seven year old that I had hoped would not happen until she reached middle school. We were going to QT for coffee (for me) and were just chatting. The following is how it all went down:

Bug: I don't like teenagers.

M: Why not, honey?

B: They are stupid. They make dumb decisions, they laugh at boys, and they act stupid. Mom, were you ever stupid like that?

M: Well, yes. I did some pretty dumb things back then. What kind of stupid decisions do they make?

B: They take drugs - I won't ever do that I'm a good girl!

M: That's right, baby. You are a good girl. You just remember that drugs are not a good thing when you get to be a teenager.

B: Did you ever do drugs, Mommy?

M: (GULP - here we go!) Ummmm, yes. I smoked some marijuana (notice here that I used the correct term. I didn't want to say pot, grass, mary jane, dope, etc. -- Just don't really want her to know that slang!) back then and drank some alcohol. But you notice I don't do that stuff now... I tried it and realized I didn't like it (that's what she thinks).

B: Right, plus you didn't want to go to jail?!

M: True so true. I had to deal with your Granny, and THAT, my dear, is worse than jail.

B: Have you ever been to jail?

M: No... the closest I've been to jail was visiting two boyfriends when they were in jail. (WHY did I tell her THAT?!)


Here I proceeded to tell her - at a VERY high level - about a couple of seedy boyfriends I had in the past. Yes, my parents are thrilled that I married the right side of the law.

There you have it... now Bug has the ammunition to use against me as a teenager. I can hear it now - "But, Mom! You tried it in high school, and that is all I'm doing! I'm spreading my wings and trying it for myself!" God help me! She is a good kid - right now - I hope I haven't scarred her for life. I don't think she was prepared for that conversation. I know I wasn't!


Paw Paw said...

You did the correct thing in being honest with her. If you lie to her it will come back to bite you in the butt. Just keep the line of communication open and don't faint when she confides in you, and she should be okay. By the way, WHEN IN THE HELL DID YOU DO DRUGS?


Marni said...

Remember Mike? Duh!

Beth said...

Uncle Johnny's right; you should always be honest with her. (Damn, did I really type Uncle Johnny's right?)