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Saturday, May 13, 2006

My first post!

Oh my! I am so excited to have my own blog! My cousin, Beth, has one called Cup-of-Coffey and I want to be just like her when I grow up -- so I decided to copy her and start my own!

With that being said, let me get something off my chest...

My kids are with their grandpa and I am loving life! They haven't been out of this house in almost a month and I needed some ME time. Yeah! Now I miss them terribly and want them home. Oh, well. I'll have them back tomorrow in time for Mother's Day.

My plan for today is to watch the three movies I have rented from Netflix which include Crash, A History of Violence and Thumbsucker. I am so excited about watching them, but am going to be selfish and wait on Carl to go to work.

As I think of more to say I'll add more posts. Just know this is so exciting for me and I hope others will think so, too.


Beth said...

Cool movies! I haven't seen "Thumbsucker" yet, so I'll wait for your review. Viggo is so hot in "A History of Violence."

Enjoy the momless day!

Beth said...

And welcome to the blogging world! I'm going to have fun keeping up with your life.